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I love how versatile the adornments are. Whether you want to add a brooch back and create a unique piece of jewellery, add a sweet detail to a scarf or hat or make a bunting chain, embellishments can do it all!

They are perfect for Easter. If you want to avoid messy, chocolately fingers during an Easter egg hunt, why not make your own butterfly trail and reward your children with an egg ?

You love Easter-themed patterns if you are crackers.

There are materials and tools that are needed.

Stylecraft Special DK is a yarn.

The hook is 4mm.

There are scissors.

The needle is sharp.

There areTERN notes.

It was written in UK terms.

There is a video at the base of the post.

I help you understand the differences between UK and US terms in my How to crochet : A handy reference guide. You can find my book here.

The terms are negotiable.

Pull through one loop on the hook.

yarn over, insert hook into stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops.

Slip Stitch is when you insert the hook into the stitch, pull yarn through the stitch and loop it on the hook.

a pair of pastel-coloured crochet butterflies sit in a rose bush


Attach the hook to the first chain and ss to create a circle.

7 times, ch 2, ch 3, tc into centre circle. Attach the hook to the third chain with slip stitch. You should have 8 clusters of 2 stitches.

If you want to connect new colour to existing colour, change colour.

6tr into chain 2 space, ss in treble space 7 times, 6tr into ch 2 space, and ss into top of original stitch to connect.

Making a butterfly.

Wrap the chain around the work connecting at the base of the chain with a slip stitch after folding the work in half. Tie off.

Take a piece of yarn and tie it up. Move the yarn under the chain.

You can sew on a safety pin to turn a brooch into a broach. You can sew on another project.

There is a video courtroom.

There is a video tutorial.

There is a PIN for later.

A pinterest graphic showing a crochet butterfly

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