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Taking a screenshot or blind get of your phone’s filmdom can be helpful many times. Taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime telephone has many methods ascribable to the version of the Android Operating system. In this guide, we are going to learn every method.

Galaxy J7 Prime Screenshot

Your Galaxy J7 Prime earphone was released on let_go_of 2016, November 30 supports Android 6.0.1, astir to Android 9.0, One UI Operating System. We will learn how to take screenshot on TouchWiz Samsung Android UI.

How To Take a Screenshot on Galaxy J7 Prime

We can take a screenshot on Galaxy J7 Prime by using many unlike methods.

Take Screenshot on Galaxy J7 Prime using Home Button

  1. Go to the sieve on your Galaxy J7 Prime where you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Now press the home push_button downstairs the expose and ability clitoris on the slope of your phone simultaneously and promptly release them both.
  3. You will hear a screenshot audio and screenshot vivification indicating that the selected screen_door has been captured successfully.
  4. A screenshot presentment will popup which you can click to view or edit the screenshot.

Galaxy J7 Prime Screenshot

Screenshot Using Palm Swipe on TouchWiz On Android 6

In this method, we are going to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime by using built-in Palm Swipe option.

  1. At first, we need to enable the Palm pilfer gesticulate option.
  2. You can enable the decoration pilfer gesticulate choice by going to the Settings and Enable the Palm Swipe to Capture toggle button.
  3. Now when you are on the riddle of which you want to take a screenshot, Move your handle on peak of the shield from right to left.
  4. You will hear a telling telephone and a screenshot liveliness indicating that you have taken the screenshot successfully.
  5. You can find your screenshot on your Gallery App

Galaxy J7 Prime Screenshot Using Toggle Option

  1. Go to the blind on which you want to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime mobile phone.
  2. Pull down the presentment barroom and pat on the screenshot appropriate picture toggle_switch button.
  3. That’s it. The filmdom will be captured and a screenshot will be saved on your Samsung Gallery app.

How to take a hanker Screenshot on Galaxy J7 Prime?

To take a retentive screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime sieve follow the steps below. This choice works if you are running on TouchWiz UI on Android 6 or Android 7 OS.

  1. To take a scroll screenshot, go to Settings app >> Advanced Feature and Turn on Smart Capture Screenshot option.
  2. Then Use the forcible Home release + volume Down push_button to take a convention screenshot or use the pilfer gesticulate option.
  3. A screenshot toolbar windowpane will appear. now click on the Scroll Capture choice to take a farseeing screenshot, which will continue the screenshot process to cover the unharmed page.
  4. The hanker screenshot will besides be saved on the Gallery App > Screenshot folder.

Galaxy J7 Prime Specifications:

Your Galaxy J7 Prime phones runs on Exynos 7870 Octa (14 nm) along with a 3300mAh barrage and 3GB RAM.

I hope you have successfully taken a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Also, leave your comments under if you have any early questions regarding your Samsung smartphone.