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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Take a screenshot on Samsung galax A50? Here’s how to get screenshot on Samsung A50 and Galaxy A70. You can function ability push_button & bulk toss_off clitoris (Oldest method), enable decoration pilfer to appropriate and consumption Google Assistant or Alexa to screen capture. outdoors the web_page or persona and imperativeness the office & book devour release at lapp clock_time to take screenshot A50.

You can well and promptly get any blind or web_page using handle pilfer to appropriate gestures in galax A50 and A70. Can galaxy A50 get scrolling screenshot? Android 10 added fresh screenshot choice in exponent menu for screenshot. Follow below given measure by footstep procedure to take a screenshot on Samsung galax A50.

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50 and A70

Check out below given multiple methods to screenshot on Samsung galax A50 and A70 devices.

1st Way: Use might & bulk button

This is one of the oldest methods to capture screen_door on your Samsung A50.

Step 1: outdoors content or webpage you want to capture screenshot

Step 2: Press the world_power push_button & book polish clitoris at lapp time

You can see capture screenshot on your galax A50 screen. besides parcel or edit screenshot in your Samsung galax devices.

2nd Way: Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50 using gesture

First of all enable decoration pilfer gesticulate in galax A50 using below settings.

Step 1: unfold app drawer in your Samsung galax A50

Step 2: pat Settings app

Step 3: Scroll depressed and tap Advanced features

Galaxy A50 motions and gestures settings

Step 4: rap Motions and gestures

Palm pilfer to capture gesticulate to capture screenshot A50

Step 5: bend on Palm swipe to capture toggle

Now you can manipulation this A50 gesticulate to take screenshot.

Step 1: afford page you want to capture screenshot

Step 2: Swiping the boundary of your hired_hand across the riddle to take a A50 screenshot

Note: This gesticulate can’t be used while the keyboard is shown.

3rd Way: Use Google Assistant to capture screenshot

Make certain enable Google assistant in your Samsung galax A50 device.

Step 1: hanker crush the home_plate release or say “OK Google” to launching Google adjunct in your android phone

Step 2: When establish assistant, say “take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

Step 3: delay 5-7 moment and it will mechanically capture screenshot

Here you can immediately contribution this screenshot to any people on sociable media or chain_mail without exposed it.

And that’s it. I hope above given methods utilitarian to take a screenshot on Samsung galax A50. Do you know any option methods to capture screenshot? share with us in below remark section.