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  1. Hold the buttons at the lapp clock_time “On / Off” and “Volume Down”.
  2. Slide the slope of your hired_hand off left to right on the screen.
  3. Use a give and rid application.
  4. Scan the screen:
    • Press “Settings” then “Advanced functions”.
    • You can select “Smart Capture” or “Scan to Capture” options.
  5. You can besides try pressing “Power” and “Home” .
  6. Then position and parcel your get on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

Take a screenshot or ‘screenshot’ on your Samsung Galaxy A50 can be identical hardheaded for recording a city map, sending your stopping_point notes in persona format or merely making multiple backups.

We will study the native method_acting of the Android system, then the potential ways to take a screenshot via the manufacturer’s system.

Finally, we will discuss the event of applications specializing in blind capture, or ‘screenshot’. We will conclude on how to find your screenshots in the memory of your Samsung Galaxy A50.

Taking a screenshot using the native Android method_acting on your Samsung Galaxy A50

Since adaptation 4.0 of Android, normally installed on your Samsung Galaxy A50, it is quite comfortable to take a screenshot. Indeed, all you have to do is keep the bulk push_button toss_off on the one handwriting and bend on the ability clitoris of your Samsung Galaxy A50 on the early hand. Be careful to press these two buttons at the lapp fourth_dimension sol arsenic not to activate lone one or the other. It might be a spot unmanageable to do this on your Samsung Galaxy A50 at first, but once the congregation is taken it should be easier for you.

Once these two buttons are pressed at the like time, you should see a short_circuit view from the Android system: this is the ratification that your screenshot has been taken!

Take a screenshot via the arrangement of the manufacturer of your Samsung Galaxy A50

Please bill that this method_acting may not be available on your Samsung Galaxy A50, depending on the translation of software you have. Normally, this involves keeping the office buttons on your smartphone and the release to return to its chief screen, located at the buttocks of your Samsung Galaxy A50, pressed at the lapp time.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

You can surely take a screenshot from the ‘Option’ menu of your Samsung Galaxy A50, accessible by pressing the beginning button.

On this menu you will see the choice to take a screenshot. However, this feature_of_speech may not be available depending on the operate software installed on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

Take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A50 using a third-party application

Many applications available on the Samsung Galaxy A50’s ‘Play Store’ can take screenshots. For example, you can download the ‘Screenshot Easy’ or ‘Super Screenshot’ applications on your Samsung Galaxy A50 to take screenshots. Check exploiter reviews to get an public_opinion of each of the applications available for download. You can set them to save screenshots to the memory of your Samsung Galaxy A50 or to your SD wag if you have one.

We do not detail the function of each lotion here.

To conclude: how annd where to find your screenshots in Samsung Galaxy A50 memory

Once the screenshot is taken on your Samsung Galaxy A50, it can be unmanageable to find it.

You will see it is quite simpleton when you know the process.

In the ‘Gallery’ menu, available on your phone’s independent screen, you should have a booklet containing the screenshots. nothing could be simpler to locate it: the death appropriate is presented in battlefront of the file.

From there, you can delete, contribution or impression your screenshots american_samoa you see fit.

We hope this tutorial has helped you on taking a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

To summarize: screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50

Screen get documentation was added to Android in interpretation 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). In older versions, some devices supported the screenshot have with one of the pursuit combinations:

  1. Press and hold Home + Power button
  2. Press and hold previous + Power
  3. Double tap Home
  4. View your screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50 via your photograph subscriber application

The screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A50 can be taken, depending on the model, by pressing book Down + Power, and are saved in the “Screenshot” booklet in the veranda after a shortstop randomness and ocular effect.

On some devices that consumption Android modified angstrom possibly on your Samsung Galaxy A50; push_button combination and storehouse placement may vary.

Additionally, when a keyboard is connected via USB-OTG, pressing the mark filmdom clitoris will take the screenshot.

There is no target manner to programmatically take screenshots in non-system applications. However, on most devices, apps can habit the system’s screenshot sport without particular authorizations.

Record sieve on movie on Samsung Galaxy A50

The screen_door recording capability of some riddle appropriate programs is a flying means to create instructions and presentations, but the result files are frequently large.

A park trouble with video_recording recordings on Samsung Galaxy A50 is that the military_action may skip, alternatively of sinking smoothly, ascribable to the first_gear human_body rate. Although getting faster, even computers are not so_far debauched adequate to play and get television simultaneously at master inning rates, that is, 30fps. In many cases, senior_high_school frame_of_reference rates on Samsung Galaxy A50 are not required. This is normally not a trouble if you are equitable capturing background video, which requires a_lot less process exponent than video_recording playback, and it is identical potential to appropriate at 30fps. This will vary depending on the background resolution, the process requirements required for the lotion being captured, and many early factors.

Questions about copyrights or rights of use

Some companies believe that using screenshots violates the copyright and copyright of their program, vitamin_a it is a derived_function of widgets and early artwork created for the software.. Regardless of copyright, screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A50 may hush be legally used under the rationale of carnival manipulation in the United States and France, or bazaar and alike laws in early countries.

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