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The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine

You have almost certainly heard of the TR-808 drum machine even if you do n’t know it by name. You can understand how the machine can form a kind of bridge from one moment of breathless desire to the next if you are familiar with the percussion on Marvin Gaye ‘s 1982 hit “ Sexual Healing ”. The magic of the TR-808, which was released 40 years ago, helped propel “ Sexual Healing ” to the top of the charts. Less than a year after the song flooded American airwaves, the 808 was no longer in production, but it would not be forgotten for long, as it helped turn the curation of machine-generated beats into its own art form.

In the late 1970s, no one knew how to make realistic-sounding drums out of a machine, so a team of engineers at the Japanese company began using analog synthesis. Unlike most drum machines at the time, the808 gave musicians freedom : You were n’t limited to pre-programmed rhythms or orchestrations, which meant you could fashion sounds and stack them on top of one another until you ‘d created something that had never been heard before. The TR-808 was a living and breathing studio.

Tadao Kikumoto, with an early prototype of the legendary TR-808 drum machine.

The machine created memorable moments during the two years that it was in production. The influential Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra played live shows with an 808 to enthusiastic audiences in Tokyo, and the producer Arthur Baker experimented with an808 in a New York studio in the early 1980s and ended up producing the single “ Planet Rock, ” a hip-hop collaboration by Afrika B. 48 was one of the most influential records of the decade and helped inspire the first golden era of hip-hop.

The machine was expensive and it was short-lived. Critics thought the sounds did n’t sound like real drums, but they did sound enough like drums that an artist with an 808 could forgo hiring a drummer for a studio session. Semiconductor used in the 808 became difficult to stock. The era of the 808 seemed to have come to an abrupt end after about 12,000 units were sold.

As established musicians began to unload their 808s at secondhand stores, the machine dipped below its initial $ 1,200 sticker price, fueling its popularity. Thanks to the machine ‘s thundering bass, OutKast ‘s 2003 “ The Way You Move ” is one of the most popular songs in Southern rap today.

The 808 seemed to have no future, then it sounded like the future. It has provided beats for hundreds of hits, from Whitney Houston ‘s 1987 “ I Wan na Dance With Somebody ” to Drake ‘s “ God ‘s Plan ”, winning the affections of beatmakers across genres and generations. The web-based software iO-808 can be used if you want to get that classic feel without buying a machine. You can summon those sounds with a few keys.

There are Status Cymbals.

How do you get by without an actual drummer is a centuries-old musical question.

The bands were created by Ismail al-Jazari.

The inventor of the 12th-century Anatolian inventor created all manner of automatons, including elaborate clocks. As water flowed through the mechanism, it put pressure on the valves of the flutist figurines to make melody, and on the wooden pegs of the drums and cymbals to regulate rhythm. The entertainment at royal parties was provided by these creations.

Leon Theremin has a song called Rhythmicon.

The first electronic drum machine was created in 1931 by Leon Theremin and Henry Cowell. A musician can use the Rhythmicon to make music using a keyboard and wheels. The New School in Manhattan hosted it in 1932. It is one of the few ever built.

The Rhythmate was written by Harry Chamberlin.

The inventor created this machine in 1949 to accompany organs in family sing-alongs. The Rhythmate depended on a loop of magnetic tape that contained recordings of a drummer playing 14 differentrhythms. The Rhythmate ‘s tape-loop technology was used in electric keyboards in the 1960s.

The Sideman of Wurlitzer.

The Sideman gave users 12 electronic imitations of popular rhythms on a rotating disc. The American Association of Musicians was worried that the machine would put percussionists out of business.

Linn has a drum computer.

The first drum machine to include digitally recorded snippets of real drums was introduced in 1980. It drives John Mellencamp ‘s 1982 hit “ Jack and Diane ” and Prince ‘s 1984 hit “ When Doves Cry ”.

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